members 0f the band:
name: ahmed mix
age :17
-rapper/beats maker
D.J MIX - Sudanese dj/ remixer . was born in sudanand raised in al5rtoum alsudan .
his current locationis sudan khartoum . he started his career in 2010 as a beginning . but he became well known in 2012 . his favorit genresare house music
, hiphop and rap , he dosnt mind to play other types of music, work with DJ's like DJMAESRTO sudanes fav dj , dj rush , djjassy , dj meno ,dj orphics , dj.jahama , dj. mf2 and dj don ali from ksa. and mc demontor , mc .moodi , ahmed rbg , mc DM (3 double one )

Label record: studi0 0ne .

 Name : Ahmed Nabri.
Stage Name : Nabriscrap .
Age :19

a young Sudanese guy have passion to become rapper ... involved into this field since 2007 . struggled a lot to have a record deal ...first he showed up in an open mics in several places around the country ...after that he get some invitation to preform as the main artist in the parties and events ...he got a lot to show off on the stages and a message wanna be heard from the world wide to present his country Sudan .. he lived in LA,California for three years preformed there in Jack palace club,25 eysack club,99.7 FM in fluckmaster radio show.

  • event`s in Sudan : New year 2011 Om kolthoum restaurant , V.I.P hotel ,Plaza Hotel and Kips Bazaar 2011

  • Record Label :West al7arat -Studio 1

 Name: Mohamed nazar.
Stage Name :MC Tricky T .

sudanese rapper he started rappin' when he was 14 on open mics and privte partys , he became well known at the age of 16 when he made a party in alsalam rotana hotel,and also aparty in alfatih tower and many other privte and puplic partys .

Label record:West al7arat

 name : farah ashraf

Stage Name : llil j0ker


sudanese rapper he started rappin' when she was 15 on open mics and uniti h0use , she became well known at the age of 16 when she made a party in 0pen mic party at grand h0liday villa  ,and also aparty in regency h0tel  and many other partys .

Label record: studi0 0ne .

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